Police Force - 2004


The storyline of the film is dry. It is a case of the old wine packed in a new bottle. Or maybe the old bottle was only polished to look new. In an age and time when filmmakers are trying new themes and new ways of treating the old ones, this film seems very obsolete. The Indian audiences have been witness to the corrupt cops-manipulative politicians' plot forever.

Vijay (Akshay Kumar) joins the police force as an under-trainee cadet where he gets sucked into a system of corrupt politicians who crush the dreams and idealisms of their own upright cadets. Raj Babbar is Rattan Sethi, a politician who astutely subverts the political system at will. The police department is presented as a government organization with its set of contradictions of good and bad officers. The senior police officer, Mr. Bhonsle (Mohan Joshi) runs a virtual mafia operation for politicians and friends from inside the department. Amrish Puri plays an honest senior officer Mr. Panday, training cadets with dedication and imbibing values of truth and honesty in them. Raveena Tandon (Roma) plays Akshay's love interest in the film and Alok Nath plays her father who is also a senior police official.

If it wasn't enough that the first half of the film runs slow in a zombie like pace the second half is no relief either. The film is devoid of any thrilling moments in spite of the subject it deals with. Besides lackluster direction, the film is also weak in its music department (Anand-Milind). In a film like this, one should have avoided interjecting songs interrupting the already not so good narrative of the film. Moreover the wardrobe of the protagonists should have been chosen with a little more care, especially Akshay and Raveena's appearance gives away the inconsistency.

The director, Dilip Shukla was not able to extract good performances from the cast. None of the performances really stand out. Akshay obliges through his role but his stunts are well executed. Raveena could have put in a little more effort instead of her evident disinterested attitude towards the film. Raj Babbar tends to overdo the histrionics. Amrish Puri habitually gives a good performance. Mohan Joshi is okay.

On the whole, POLICE FORCE has nothing forceful about it. Obsolete script, dry overall performances, and the treatment of the film is shoddy. Watch it at your own risk.

Cast & Crew

Dileep Shukla
Kulbhushan Gupta
Anand Milind

Police Force Movie - Songs

Rafta Rafta

Dil Churaya Aapne

Aahi Re Mai

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