Prem Nagar - 1974


Karan Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle in a palace along with his widowed mother, an elder brother, Shamsher, his wife and daughter, Meena. His mother, Rani Maa, spent most of her time playing cards and left his upbringing to his nanny. As a result, Karan ended up believing her to be his real mother.

Now matured, a womanizer and alcoholic, he comes to the rescue of a former air hostess, Lata, who is being molested by her boss, hires her as his secretary, and permits her parents, sister and brother, to move into one of his cottages. Lata attempts to change his bad habits, initially meets with opposition, but eventually succeeds; they fall in love. Karan even builds a palace and names it ?Prem Nagar?.

Their idyllic romance is shattered when Lata is accused of interfering in palace affairs and stealing a valuable necklace ? with her mother testifying that she found it on Lata?s purse ? and, as a result, a much-humiliated Lata quits and her family moves out. (wikipedia)

Cast & Crew

K S Prakash Rao
D Rama Naidu
Inder Raj Anand

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