Pyaar Ke Side Effects - 2006


Sid (Rahul Bose) has the ideal life. He loves being a DJ, playing the music he loves: he has a girlfriend Trisha (Mallika Sherawat) who supports and understands him and finally India is about to defeat Australia in a mother of a match and right in the middle of this shinning moment. Trisha proposes marriage!

Sid panics Marriage is different.
Different? That?s polite, marriage is MARRIAGE.
It?s wrong, it?s terrifying, it?s for somebody else, not him!
But Trisha wants everything love, marriage, a loving husband, the brats, a beautiful home with picket fences-everything. And the only way that Sid can keep Trisha in his life is by committing to her.

Thus begins his search-through women?s magazines, his sister?s advice, his mother?s nagging and his roommate?s constant red alert against marriage! And as a confused Sid marches over to Trisha office to make sense of the masses in his head he ends up instead, asking her to marry him, only to stop her from crying!

Now begins his nightmare as Sid wades through an engagement, the search for a perfect engagement ring, furniture hunts and conversations about children! And then of course to top it all, he meets the family ? Trisha?s father-retired General Mallick or ?papa? as Trisha would have him called the old monster ? who hates the very sight of him and constantly tries to disconnect him from Trisha.

Throw in a broken engagement, Trisha?s ex-fianc? (Jas Arora), her best friend and Sid?s constant?s worry-Dracula (Suchitra Pillai), a hot, hot Baby Girl Volume 3 ? Tanya (Sophie Chaudhary), Sid?s crazy family consisting of his very pregnant and very hyper sister ? Shalini (Taraana Raja) and her Husband Kapil (Aamir Bashir) and the always insane Nanoo (Ranvir Sheorey) and what you have the craziest and most special movie of this season.

Pick a side of love crash in this season!

Cast & Crew

Saket Chaudhary
Rangita Pritish Nandy
Saket Chaudhary

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