Pyaasa - 2002


Sooraj (Aftab Shivdasani) aspires to be a millionaire some day, but all hopes of making it big are quashed by his father (Govind Namdev) and uncle (Anang Desai), who don't approve of selling their ancestral land.

Enters Sheetal (Yukta Mookhey), a tycoon, who hires Sooraj to work for her business empire. Prem (Zulfi Syed) is Sooraj's cousin and an accomplished businessman, whom Sooraj detests.

In a shrewd and calculating move, Sheetal sets up Sooraj against Prem. The reason, which Sheetal reveals subsequently, is to seek revenge from Prem's father (Anang Desai). What happens next?

Cast & Crew

A Muthu
Ramesh Sharma

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