Raakh - 1989


A big city. After the police riots of 1990, the State Forces were disbanded and replaced by a central one. The police now had more powers. The crime rate continued to escalate. In the wealthier quarters of the city though, life went on? but it was an uneasy calm.

Aamir (Aamir Khan) had just turned 21. He is from a rich family. The only colour in his otherwise mundane life was his obsession for Neeta, an older, more pragmatic woman, who did not quite feel the same about Aamir.

One night, on their way back from a party, Neeta is gang raped by a local boss, Hassan Karmali and his friends, and Aamir watching helplessly, can do nothing. Unknown to Aamir, an off-duty police officer is a silent witness to the incident. Frustrated, possessed by impotent rage and a sense of injustice, Aamir has to find release. He leaves home... Ironically, he turns to Sub-Inspector Kapoor ? The silent witness. Kapoor, pretending to be unaware of the incident agrees to help Aamir?. (years ago Kapoor had taken on the Karmali clan, an unwise move that nearly destroyed his career.)

Aamir now feels he has a friend. Till one day, realizing the truth he is shattered. Soon after, S.I. Kapoor is suspended. His life begins to spiral downwards. Now alone, frightened, without a job and with nothing to lose? he sees in Aamir the means to fulfill his dark, unresolved dreams.

Together they set about eliminating their common enemy ? members of the dreaded Karmali family. Kapoor the embittered cop becomes a dark mentor to the innocent but fearless Aamir. Neeta, unaware of the changes in Aamir?s life, has decided to put her past behind her. She begins, slowly but painfully, to reconstruct her life.

Meanwhile, Aamir slips into vortex of terrifying violence ? a road to certain doom. Theirs is a war with no victors, a battle that has no glory. Amidst the lies of a logical life, sometimes the only truth is in madness, in losing control?.
Fire purifies as it consumes.

Cast & Crew

Aditya Bhattacharya
Asif Noor
Ranjit Barot

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