Raja Bhaiya - 2003


Raja Bhaiya has Govinda and Aarti Chabria in lead roles and portrays a comical saga of the life of a village boy named Raja. Raja (Govinda), has sworn never to get married and remain a Bramachari. His mother saves a girl, Prathiba (Aarti Chabria), who was nearly hit by a train while walking on the tracks. His mother brings her home, as no one knows her past. Raja is against this and does everything in his will to detach her from his life, but to no avail. His mother decides to get Raja and Prathiba married. Although Raja is in disagreement with the idea, he is forced into the marriage.

As the saying goes?"love begins to blossom after marriage," Raja begins to fall in love with Prathiba after their marriage. Soon after, Prathiba?s relatives come to the small village and take (kidnap) Prathiba to their home in Mumbai. After hearing the news, Raja begins his journey to Mumbai to rescue his beloved wife and bring her back home, or so he thinks?

Cast & Crew

Raman Kumar
Kalyani Singh
Nadeem - Shravan

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