Ranviir The Marshal - 2015


A young but short tempered boy Ranvir (Rishab Rishi) wants to dabble in martial arts, but his widowed mother (Rati Agnihotri) does not approve of this. Even though he has not participated in the sport, he gets recurring dreams of the same. One day, his enemy-turned-friend Karan (Prateek Kumar) intimidates him into the sport.

Much against his mother s wishes, when he gets into the sports, he gets attacked by some martial arts fighters, which lands him in the hospital, where his mother tells him the real reason as to why she did not want him to get into martial arts was that his father Jasvir (Prakash), who was also equally short tempered like him had died playing the same sport.

Seeing his determination to win in the game, his concerned mother takes him to an aged guru (Robin Das), who gives tips on winning the game. After being well equipped with the tips, Ranvir is now all set and raring to go. He now battles it out with the match fixer Rana (Jagdish Khattar), who is kind of responsible for Ranvir s father s death. Ranvir, then, gives it all to the sports for two reasons, viz., to avenge his father s death and also to take out the fear of martial arts from his mother s mind.

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