Rashmi Rocket - 2021


RASHMI ROCKET is the story of a girl who's accused of being a man. The year is 2014. Rashmi Vira (Taapsee Pannu) is from Bhuj, Gujarat and is a tour guide. She's a great runner but quit running after she lost her father, Ramnik (Manoj Joshi), in the 2001 earthquake. At that time, she was participating in a running tournament when the earthquake struck. She was so lost in the running that she didn't even realize the pandemonium around her.

Her mother, Bhanuben (Supriya Pathak) then brought her up and also began to fight for the rights of the women in her village. Since she resides in an army area, she is good friends with an army doctor, Dr. Ejaz Qureshi (Akash Khurana). He introduces her to Captain Gagan Thakur (Priyanshu Painyuli). While touring with Gagan and his colleagues, she runs like a rocket and saves the life of a soldier who was about to step on a landmine. Gagan encourages her to get into running. This time, she agrees. She manages to win at the state level tournament. The Indian Athletics Association notices her and she's asked to join them so that she can practice and hopefully, represent India at the Asia Games 2014. The initial days are difficult for Rashmi as even though she is a gifted runner, she is poor when it comes to certain basic rules and techniques of the sport. Under the head coach Tejas Mukherjee (Mantra), she manages to get better at the game. Some of the fellow runners despise her, especially Niharika (Miloni Jhonsa) and Priyanka (Namita Dubey). They call her a 'man' as they believe that she has masculine qualities. Rashmi ignores these barbs and focuses on her game. At the Asia Games, Rashmi manages to win three gold medals.

The same day, when she returns, a female official (Lisha Bajaj) from the Association asks her to come along for some procedure. Rashmi is taken to a government hospital and is compelled to undergo multiple blood tests. Then for the ultrasound test, she's asked to strip. All these procedures take nearly six hours and Rashmi is not allowed to have food. She returns to her hostel, feeling humiliated. She bumps into Niharika who once again taunts her and calls her a 'launda'. An angry Rashmi punches her face.

Sometime later, the police arrive at the hostel. Inspector Sathe (Umesh Prakash Jagtap) claims that he got a complaint that a man is hiding in the female hostel. They conclude that the man in the hostel is none other than Rashmi. She is arrested. Gagan barges into the police station and releases her. As soon as they both come out of the police station, they find that the media has already arrived. The reports of the tests also get leaked and it proves that Rashmi has an unusually high level of testosterone. Hence, the Association bans her. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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