Rocky - 2006


This is story of a young man Rocky, a rebel, who hates anything and everything that is wrong? the system? the people, who take things lying down without raising a finger? Rocky cannot accept the indifference towards injustice and the rebel in him revolts. This attitude of his, creates irreconcilable differences between him and his father and their relationship is fraught with friction.

Though his father loves his son, he emphatically disagrees with Rocky?s philosophy of life and advises him not to invite trouble unnecessarily by interfering in matters that doesn?t concern him, as this could put his life in grave danger. But the defiant Rocky mocks his father and calls him a coward. He feels, this, irresponsible attitude of people is destroying the social fabric of the country. His helpless mother has to pacify them, when the conflict escalates.

The family manages to still laugh it off until one day Rocky gets into ?shark infested waters?. And the battle for survival starts.

Rocky?s world is shattered. He is blamed for everything and now he will be accepted only on one condition ? if he is prepared to surrender to their way of thinking? their way of living? their way of outlook of life.

This changes Rocky?s world forever?strange country? stranger people? strange love?But the truth is? you cannot run from reality forever. The problems are the same? the people are the same? their attitude is the same? everywhere. It is only after some shocking incidents one realizes that Rocky is one among millions who cares for others? who stakes his life for others in this heartless world of self-centered people... But is it too late for Rocky to change things? what does the ultimate battle in his life hold for him?

Rocky is a story of today?s youth? their thoughts?their dreams? and fight to realize them?

Cast & Crew

Suresh Krishna
Narendra Bajaj, Shyam Bajaj
Himesh Reshammiya

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