Saansein - The Last Breath - 2016


Shirin is singer at one of Mauritius's best known clubs. Her beauty invariably gets a lot of visitors interested in her. However Shirin never meets anyone. Rather she mysteriously disappears every night as soon as her performance is over. In an attempt to follow her someone even meets a horrible fate.

That's when Abhay enters the story. In Mauritius for business, he happens to land up at the same club and falls in love with Shirin right away. Shirin ignores Abhay, but he refuses to give up. He makes up his find to find what is actually keeping her away from him. And that's when he stumbles upon a secret that Shirin has shared with only her best friend.

Abhay is not deterred. He swears to find a way for them to be together, whatever the cost may be.

What follows is a harrowing tale that nightmares are made of. Supernatural nightmares.

What is the secret that Shirin hides? And does Abhay manage to bring in peace? Or does he succumb to the fears that have no boundaries?

Cast & Crew

Goutam Jain, Vivek Agrawal
Vivek Kar

Saansein - The Last Breath Movie - Songs

Mera Ishq

Tum Jo Mile

Tum Ho Mere

Dil Yeh Khamakha


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