Saaya - 2003


Dr. Akash "Akki" (John Abraham) and his wife Maya (Tara Sharma) are both doctors. Maya is pregnant with Akki's (Akash) baby. When malaria strikes India on the Burmese border, Maya rushes over to help, despite Akki's disapproval. Akash soon receives the news of her death caused by a bus crash.

The bus crashed into water at heavy rains. Akash cannot accept Maya's passing away, and believes strongly that she did not die. He wants to communicate with her through the hospital patients who have suffered a near-death experience. Every patient draws a strange symbol, and one dead corpse even starts talking to Akash when he is alone. Tanya (Mahima Chaudhry) a close friend of Maya, tries to console Akash, because when her lover died in an accident it was Akash who treated her. Now, she believes it is her turn, and believes he is hallucinating.

With the help of a nun called Sister Martha, and clues, Akash decides to go back to where it all began?The Border. There, with the help of a guide, Akash jumps off a waterfall near the bus crash and finds the sunken bus, he sees Maya's spirit, beckoning him and then the guide saves him. They go to a village tribe and ask if they saved Maya. They say she died but they saved her soul. They take Akash inside and show him a surprise that though Maya died, while dying she gave birth to their daughter.

Akash thus realises that Maya made him ensure about trust because their premature baby was safe for six months among the tribals without any medical attention. He takes their child home and informs Tanya about the same and lives happily ever after.

Cast & Crew

Anurag Basu
Mahesh Bhatt
Amol Shetge
Anu Malik

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