Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande - 2011


Parvin Dabas: Rajbir
Rajbir is an orphan and belongs to Kanjhawla village and is 31 years old. He's friends with Ambani, Sexy and Doctor and works under Fauji along with them. He's the de-facto leader of the group and the other guys look up to him.Rajbir has been working for Fauji since he was 17. He's the most introspective of the gang and gets along with Doctor the most.

Kuldeep Ruhil: Doctor
Doctor's real name is Devendra. He got his nickname because he owns a medical store which he runs when he's not with the guys and keeps giving the guys medicine for all their ailments. He was born and brought up in Kanjhawla, outer Delhi. He gave up on his education after the 12th class because he had to support his family. His father is a bus conductor and an alcoholic who's money goes into his booze. His mother is a housewife and works in the fields as well. He got married when he was 22 with a girl who he saw in a rival gang guy's village. He has two sons aged 7 and 5. He's a very protective father and a relatively good husband who tries to be with his family as much as possible in the eve rather than hang out with the guys. He's 30 years old.

Doctor has always seemed like a calm, sober guy but that cool front has always hidden a different interior. Doctor doesn't suffer fools gladly and gets easily tired of them though he never shows it in his temper but only in his actions. He's also not a trained chemist but just happened to open the shop to make some money and learnt on the job.

Once his cousin's wife got used to leaving their kids with him at the medical store when he needed to go to the fields. After a week of dealing with them he finally gave them some sleeping pills to shut them up, and wouldn't tell his cousin the truth until finally the kids had to be taken to the hospital.

But at home he's like 80% of the husband's on the planet-a Bheegi Billi. He tries to keep his wife happy at all times and makes sure he's home on time in the evening to have dinner with them and the couple of times he doesn't, he gets the silent treatment from his wife for a couple of days so now he dreads going home late.

In the gang he's closest to Rajbir.

Ashish Nayyar: Ambani
Ambani's real name is Rajesh. The guys call him Ambani because he keeps hatching business plans and convinces himself that he's gonna make crores on paper itself. He was born in the same village, Kanjhawla, outer Delhi as the rest of the gang and has been working for Fauji for 7 years. His parents are still alive, his father used to be a farmer but got into the tourist taxi trade where he's a driver. He doesn't approve of Ambani's lifestyle but long gave up on him and isn't really around much to have control over him. His mother overlooks the workers in the fields and is a housewife. Ambani went to Shivaji College, Delhi University, B.A pass but gave up after the 2nd year and never graduated. He is strong and healthy in a very Delhi sort of way (little overweight). He usually wears jeans, a t-shirt, a leather jacket and a beanie cap. He loves to panja anyone who looks like he has strong forearms and loves to play cards as well. He loves to eat chocolate. He shares a love hate relationship with sexy since childhood. He's 30 years old.

Vansh Bhardwaj: Sexy
Sexy's real name is Deepak. He was born and raised in the same village as the rest of the gang, Kanjhawla in outer Delhi. He went to Shivaji College, Delhi University, BA pass and graduated. He's been working with the gang under Fauji for the last 6 yrs. His family moved to Jaipur 10 years ago, and he stayed back to complete his graduation and then decided to stay back. He's a good looking guy and leanly built. He loves his independent lifestyle. He loves girls except he likes them in extra-large sizes. He has a cool disposition except when it comes to dealing with Ambani since both of them share a love-hate relationship since their childhood. He loves playing cards, doesn't have much ambition other than to own a bachelor pad. He dresses coolly in ripped jeans, t-shirts and flashy jackets and is 29 years old.

While growing up in Kanjhawla, Sexy was a bit of a problem child because he never spoke too much and was a bit of a loner which wasn't understood very well by the other kids but he grew out of it by his teens. His three main friends Rajbir, Doctor and Ambani were always hanging with him but were in different classes from him so he only saw them after school. He followed their lead and went to Shivaji College and is the only one of them who actually graduated. He worked as a salesman for some time but started hating it after a while at this point Ambani talked him into joining him for a job for Fauji. Sexy enjoyed the easy money and was hooked. The next day he left his job and joined Fauji's gang permanently. He and Ambani have been hanging out and fighting with each other since they were five. Ambani liked to push him around and he never lets him get away with it, something that still carries on.

Sharat Saxena: Fauji
Fauji belongs to Kanjhawla village and heads a gang comprised of Rajbir, Sexy, Ambani and Doctor. He has been in a rivalry with another gang for a long time.

He was originally in the army which is where he got the nickname 'Fauji' from but he left the army early and joined a bank as a security guard. He planned to rob the very same bank he was guarding but that plan never came to fruition.

Fauji never got married and he treats Rajbir as the son he never had.

Anupam Kher: Aggarwal
Mr. Aggarwal heads the Aggarwal Group, a group of companies which he owns. Mr. Aggarwal is a shrewd businessman and he knows his way around the corridors of power and how to get his work done and his company ahead. He sees his way of working as the only practical way to do business in the country.

Kiron Joneja Sippy: Jaya Gulati/the Chief Minister
Jaya Gulati is the chief minister of a state which she leads with an iron fist. She is a single mother, having divorced her husband, and cares for her son, Hitu Gulati, herself.

Udit Khurana: Hitu Gulati
Hitu Gulati is the only son of Jaya Gulati, the chief minister of the state. He is burdened by the fact that his mother is a politician and expects him to follow in her footsteps and extend the family's political dynasty. Hitu is a student of Hansraj College and a promising athlete which is actually where his heart lies.

Yashpal Sharma: Malik
Malik is a resident of Kanjhawla village and also its biggest social activist. He fights for issues that he believes in and has given up his job so that he can serve his fellow villagers. He is a childhood friend of Rajbir's.

Neena Kulkarni: Tai
Tai belongs to the same village, Kanjhawla. She is Rajbir's father's elder brother's wife. She was widowed quite early into her marriage and never had any children of her own. She brought up and took care of Rajbir since he was orphaned.

Tena Desae: Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma is a beautiful girl who's 26years old. She lives by herself in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. Originally from Chandigarh but got a job in Delhi after graduation and decided to go with the flow, something she always believes in doing. She's an emotional yet practical girl. On her own time she dresses in a very bohemian way.

Neha's father was in the army and retired as a brigadier and then opened his own security agency. She always had an excellent relationship with him and even when she started going out with guys he decided to keep silent rather than express his opinion either way as he trusted the way he had brought her up. Neha's mother is a much sought after interior designer but never let her work overpower her family life.

Neha completed her graduation in B.SC (Hons) and then wanderlust took over. She took a year off to travel to South East Asia where she covered Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. She also got into photography during this time and pursued it as a passionate hobby. Once she got back home she decided to get out of the protective environment of her own home and moved to Delhi where she stayed with a college friend for 6months before getting her own pad. She works as a gallery manager at an art gallery which allowed her to be close to art and exhibitions. But she continues to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer.


Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande is the story of a gang comprised of four friends-Rajbir (Parvin Dabas), Sexy (Vansh Bharadwaj), Ambani (Ashish Nayyar) and Doctor (Kuldip Ruhil) who are given a job which will give them enough money to make all their dreams come true, but to achieve the same they will have to go against their conscience and the village, Kanjhawla, to which they belong. Goading them on to make this job successful is their boss, Fauji (Sharat Saxena), who stands to gain the most from the job's success and realize his dreams of becoming a politician.

On the road to completing this mission they come across a multitude of crazy characters which includes a guru and his wrestlers, a bunch of smart ass kids, a raging Chief Minister (Kiron Joneja Sippy), a Scheming Businessman (Anupam Kher),the Leader of the villagers (Yashpal Sharma), an angry Aunt (Neena Kulkarni), a college going Athlete (Udit Khurana) and a photographer Girlfriend (Tena Desae) who wants to move on with her life, while dealing with a boss who wants them to break his opponents legs and make mobile videos of it for evidence!

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande is an exciting and entertaining blend of action, comedy and heartfelt emotion which hurtles along against a landscape of both rural and urban India while boasting of some original and unique camerawork and a great soundtrack. It is written and directed by first time director, Parvin Dabas, who puts his own unique modern spin on a contemporary and original Indian story.

Cast & Crew

Parvin Dabas
Preeti Jhangiani
Parvin Dabas
Suhas, Siddharth, Dhruv Dhalla, Master Mahavir Chopra
Kumaar, Seema Saini, Late Lakmichand

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