Sanam Bewafa - 1991


The film is a story of two Pathan families who were at daggers drawn for many generations. Salman (Salman Khan) who is Sher Khan's (Danny Denzongpa) son falls in love with Rukhsar (Chandni Kanchan), Fateh Khan's daughter.

On knowing the truth, Fateh Khan finds his wrath too much to control. On the other hand, Sher Khan is extremely happy to know that his son is in love with his worst enemy's daughter and promises Salman that he will get him married to Rukhsar. The marriage is settled after great difficulties. On the marriage occasion Fateh Khan places an incredible demand in Haque-Meher. Sher Khan is dumbfounded and shocked but gives in for his son's happiness. Hurt by the insult, Sher Khan retaliates by throwing Rukhsar out of the house next morning after paying the agreed Haque-Meher. On seeing Rukhsar back, her people are numbed with shock.

This leads to conflicts between the two families resulting in loss of life on both sides, but Sher Khan and Fateh Khan remain adamant, until they discover that Rukhsar is pregnant with Salman's child. The newborn finally leads to peace between the two.

Cast & Crew

Saawan Kumar Tak
Saawan Kumar Tak
Bharat B. Bhalla, Anwar Khan, Saawan Kumar Tak

Sanam Bewafa Movie - Songs

Allah Karam Karna

Angoor Ka Dana Hoon

Beirada Nazar Mil Gayi Jo

Chudi Maza Na Degi Kangan Maza

Jinke Aage Ji Jinke Piche Ji

Meri Jaan Chali Dushman Ke Ghar ...

Mujhe Allah Ki Kasam

O Hare Duppatewali Ruk Jaana

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