Shaadi Ka Laddoo - 2004


ndia based Artist Shomu and his wife Geetu are a happily married couple with two children. Shomu decides to travel to Britain for business purposes. , as well as to meet his childhood friend, Ravi Kapoor.

Once in Britain, Shomu finds himself getting close to single women, and realises that he is now ready for an extramarital affair. His friend, Ravi Kapoor, on the contrary believes that Shomu is the luckiest man on earth, as he is in love with his wife, and their marriage is rock steady. Distrusting her husband, Meenu asks a British based friend to check up on him.

The friend reports back that Shomu is involved with a woman named Tara. Geetu decides to go to Britain as well and catch Shomu red-handed. In the meantime, Ravi meets with a waitress named Menaka Choudhary and decides to propose marriage to her, apprehensive that she too will turn him down. The stage is all set for sparks to fly, and emotions to rise.

Cast & Crew

Raj Kaushal
Raj Kaushal, Vicky Tejwani
Shashank Dabral

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