Shorgul - 2016


Shorgul is a political drama, wherein an innocent friendship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl rapidly escalates into a political minefield, causing unrest and chaos in the state.
Chaudhry, is a just &influential village Jaat leader who stands up for the farmers and gives them justice regardless of cast, creed or religion. Ranjeet Om on the other hand is a malicious, opportunist MLA. The problem sparks when Chaudhry's justness and fight against the Land Acquisition Bill, comes in the way of Om's political and personal ambitions.
Chaudhry's son, Raghu and Zainab are best friends. Zainab is set to be married to Saleem. Saleem is a fair, reserved and peace loving individual who loves Zainab deeply. Raghu too loves Zainab but deems it useless to reveal his feelings to his best friend, as it will only hurt the people he cares for. Mustakeem, Saleem's cousin and a religious fanatic, is against Zainab's friendship with a Hindu boy. He questions their intentions and plants the seed of suspicion in the otherwise sensible Saleem.

Fuelled by his fanaticism, brainwashed by religious sentiments & political rivals, Mustakeen is seen as an easy pawn to aggravate. Clouded in thought, Mustakeem, kills Raghu under the guise of saving Zainab from him and protecting their Muslim girls from supposed ploys for conversion. The situation gets a communal twist with Om taking advantage of the death of Chaudhary's son, &chooses to bring religion on the center stage. Despite the intervention of the chief minister, the matter snowballs and takes unexpected, ugly turns and becomes a national issue in question.
As the story unfolds, we begin to question; In the midst of this political & religious intolerance, where does humanity really stand?

Cast & Crew

Jitendra Tiwari, P. Singh
Swatantra Vijay Singh, Vyas Verma
Lalit Pandit, Niladri Kumar, Arjun Nair
Kapil Sibal

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