Sssshhh... - 2003


Sssshhh? is an edge of the seat murder mystery thriller set in the winter 2002.

The calm of a beautiful town is broken when a local girl, Malini Gujral (Simone Singh) is brutally killed one night.

Malini's gruesome death has a tragic effect on her bubby younger sister Mahek (Tanisha) who goes into a shell and cannot seem to come to terms with this tragedy.

Malini's friends, the pushy and possessive Gehna (Suvarna Jha), the film buff Rajat (Gaurav Kapur), the bike freak Nikhil (Kushal Punjabi) and his not so smart girlfriend Riya (Teena Choudhry), try very hard to get Mahek out of her shell. Also trying to cheer up Mahek is her childhood pal, the loud and extrovert brat? Rocky (Dino Morea)? who deep down inside has more than a soft corner for her.

But Mahek seems to veer more towards the new boy in college, Suraj (Karan Nath), who is soft spoken and an introvert. Much like she is now.

Amidst life with her six friends. Mahek's world goes into a tizzy when there are repeated attempts on her life by someone in a joker's mask.

But each time she manages to escape! Sometimes with the help of fate, and sometimes thanks to friends like Suraj, who in a dramatic fight with the assassin manages to drown the joker in the river.

But despite the joker's supposed death, Mahek still has nightmares of the joker attacking her.

This is then when everyone realizes that what Mahek needs is a change. A holiday! This coupled with everyone's personal reasons, sees this group of seven head off from the foggy locales of Shimla to the sunny beaches of Bangkok. The ideal change!

In Thailand, its all fun and games for them for a while, even as the love triangle intensifies between Rocky, Mahek and Suraj?

They get there. But little do they know that many? or most? of them will not come back!

Cast & Crew

Anu Malik
arven Bhardwaj, Rahat Indori, Yogesh, Dev Kohli

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