Stumped - 2003


Set during the 1999 cricket world cup, ?Stumped? is the story that traces the life of the wife of an army officer major Raghav Seth (Aly Khan) who is fighting the Kargil war around the same time.

Raghav?s wife Reena (Raveena) is awaiting the return of her husband from war while a number of resident of her colony Happy Home Complex are exited about the game of cricket.

Among Reena?s cricket crazy neighbors is Mr. Khetrapal followed by Girish, Gautam and Bhola.

However, the secretary of Happy Home Complex, Mr. Subramaniam, heads the anti-cricket campaign along with other resident,

Laltoo Singh. During the India-Sri Lanka match the two cut the cable wire, to teach everybody a lesson.

In the midst of the cricket mania, Baba a good man, visits the housing complex and show Girish and Deshpande how their queries about India's chances of winning the world cup and the fate of the stock market, are insignificant in comparison to Raghav and the war he is fighting for our country.

Events reach a turning point when Reena receives the news that her husband Major Raghav is missing in action and presumed dead, while her neighbors celebrates the home team's win.

Cast & Crew

Gaurab Pandey
Pritam Chakraborthy, Dhruba Jyoti Phukan, Shamir Tandon, Eric Pillai

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