Style - 2002


Style?s story is not half that bad, which makes it seem that perhaps, just perhaps there could have been a better product. Sadly mistaken are those like myslef, who thanks to some mildly entertaining music, may have decided to give the film a chance.

At a college in Mumbai, Bantu (Sharman Joshi) and Chantu (Sahil Khan) are two big fishes in a small pond. They are loved for their humour, their popularity and their attitudes. However, these one-dimensional characters are all too carefree and come to learn about the need for money the hard way. Surprisingly enough, two heroines join the film, with money. Not too long before Bantu and Chantu try to get Sheena (Riya Sen) and Rani (Shilpi Mudgal), eh? Unfortunately, this couldn?t have been a Bollywood film unless Sheena and Rani didn?t like Bantu and Chantu, thus the narrative soon changes from comedy to romance and a peppy number, ?Excuse Me? (the one saving force). Thankfully the crux of the film is not about winning Rani and Sheena (as the viewer may come to fear with the lethargic pace that the film moves with) but the role of a mysterious character portrayed by Tara Deshpande. Mystery, Suspense, Comedy, Romance, where oh where could Mr. Chandra go wrong?!

Cast & Crew

N. Chandra
V. Creations
Sanjeev-Darshan, Nitin Raikwar
Nitin Raikwar, Abbas & Tejpaul Kaur

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