Supari - 2003


Aryan (Uday Chopra), Chicken (Purab Kohli), Munshy (Akash Saigal) and Papad (Rahul Dev) are four friends who are bored with their humdrum lives. In order to realise their dream of big houses and classy cars, they place a bet on a cricket game with some shady people in the hope of winning a major fortune. Instead, this action lands them in deep trouble and they end up owing debt to the tune of five lakh rupees. Now, the person they are in debt to is Mamta (Nandita Das), a don of the underworld. She makes them a deal- settle your debts by becoming contract killers and getting rid of unwanted people. Aryan takes up this deal and his friends reluctantly follow his lead. They are assisted by Baba (Irfan Khan), one of Mamta?s yes men. They experience a rush of power from killing and they are soon drawn into the murky world of corruption and dirty money. There is only one thing that stops them from completely enjoying their new lifestyles- their conscience. Realising the situation he is in, Aryan tries to leave this dishonest life behind but not without deadly consequences.

Cast & Crew

Padam Kumar
Padam Kumar
Vishal & Shekhar & Sandesh Shandilya
Vishal Dadlani, Macrand Deshpande & Javed Akhtar

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