Sur - 2002


Vikramadity Singh (Lucky Ali) is a music teacher in a music school where he alone with others polishes every student's voice to make them the star of the world.

Although Vikramaditya is a famous singer himself, he is not satisfied with his creations; he is looking for a special person. His heart longs for someone so special that if worked on it would be a master piece, who would be known as the most worthy graduate and world's most talented singer.

He accidentally meets Tina (Gauri Karnik) who has a magical voice. He learns about her when she sings a prayer in the church. Vikramaditya thus decides to take her along with him to his school where she can pay more attention to singing.

As Vikramaditya goes on to improve Tina's talent. She is already head over heels on him. She is in love with him. Slowly, he moulds her into a brilliant singer and she emerges to be a STAR.
Inspite of Vikramaditya's dream coming true he starts feeling jealous when he discovers Tina's success. He is not able to take in the fact that she is better than he is, so he starts competing with her. He starts breaking her confidence; he dominates and overpowers her.

His most disgusting act is when he steals Tina's tunes and call it to be his own at a record function. He shouts and insults her when he is not able to perform well. Tina is hurt badly and for the first time, she feels that she cannot sing. So she packs her bags and returns home.

Vikramaditya feels guilty when at a celebration of a record function, he breaks records and the best number is 'stolen melody'. He is not able to face the darker side of his character. Hence goes back to Tina's town to get her back to the school.

On reaching there, he realises that Tina is completely changed. He discovers that she is left her sisters back where she use to work and is living in the church where she is going under the training of becoming a NUN.

Vikramaditya begs her to come back and sing but all in vain. Atlast she agrees to sing only ones with him under the impression that a company has arranged for it. Just seconds before the performance Vikramaditya is missing, the management panics and requests Tina to start singing. Tina finally sings and the crowd is stunt at her voice. She sings like a nightingale.

Meanwhile, somewhere Vikramaditya is listening to that voice which he always wanted to. Tears roll down his cheeks as he hears Tina sing. It is now that he feels like a successful singer and a completed person as he is atlast produced a student more brilliant and capable than him.

Cast & Crew

Tanuja Chandra
Pooja Bhatt

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