Take It Easy - 2015


This is a story of almost every family, almost every father & son and almost every child in today
s metro cities.

A story of...innocent dreams of cute little children &...
A story of...forced dreams of parents on to their children.

The film is an emotional journey of two friends
, (age 10-12). How their friendship turns into jealously & later into rivalry when they are constantly forced to compete & compared to each other and how their sweet, innocent and unbiased humanity rebinds their friendship leaving a moral message for the parents, teachers, school or rather for the whole social & educational structure of our country.

The current situation is really alarming when 8th-10th grade kids are committing suicide due to constant pressure from parents, who are unknowingly forcing them into a rat race.

The subject deals with how parents should be guided not to be over-protective & not to keep high expectations from their children. Parents hardly realize that the comparison is becoming judgmental, creating all the adequate reasons to affect the psychological upbringing of the child.

The focus is on how & why it is so important to make them a good human being first, rather than a good doctor/engineer/architect/or any professional. The concept that
The First School
starts at home is reiterated throughout the script.

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