Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya - 2000


Pooja (Keerti Reddy) is a dreamer. She keeps dreaming about becoming rich and famous. A bright girl, she works as assistant director in an Advertising Agency and has enough talent to make her dreams come true but is a perpetual late comer. Her boss, Mr. Oberoi (Kader Khan), is a tolerant man who usually excuses her late coming.

A friend's wedding takes her to Agra where she meets Kabir (Abhishek Bachchan), a local videographer. Kabir is a generous, good natured guy loved by everyone. He sees Pooja and is completely stunned by her beauty and sophistication. Kabir keeps taking pictures of her in the midst of the wedding festivities and she unwittingly encourages him. Kabir is convinced that she's in love with him. He gathers enough courage to propose to her but is heart broken to find out that she has left after a much-prolonged stay.

Pooja resumes work, late as usual. This time however, her boss, Mr. Oberoi, has had enough and is ready to fire her. Just in time, her friend, Maggi (Johny Lever), picks up a photograph of Kabir and herself posing against the Taj Mahal and tells the boss that Pooja had a genuine excuse for coming late this time and that she's got engaged in Agra. Pooja is horrified at the lie but this saves her job.

Pooja, then meets the man of her dreams, Raj (Sanjay Suri), the boss' handsome son and is head over heels in love with him. Everything seems to be going her way but there's one big problem... everybody in her office, including Raj and his father, believe she's engaged to be married soon. Pooja and Maggi hatch another plot. They fabricate a story that Pooja's fianc?e has turned out to be a rotten scoundrel and she's been forced to break off her engagement.
Little does she know that a determined Kabir has left Agra and is on his way to meet the woman of his dreams -- Pooja.

Cast & Crew

A. Mutthu
Vashu Bhagnani
Ismail Darbar

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