The Lunchbox - 2013


?Lunchbox? is a love story set in Mumbai between a young housewife and a middle aged man.

In The Lunchbox the protagonists are a man who?s been grieving since his wife died and a woman who wants to seek her husband?s attention to rekindle their love and hopes to cook her way through her husband?s heart. But by a rare mistake of the very famous ?dabbawalas? of Mumbai city, the dabba with the delicious food she had prepared for her husband instead gets delivered to Mr. Fernandez. Realizing the mistake of the delivery she writes Fernandez a note about it. Then unfolds a beautiful episode in their life in a series of compelling and sincere notes they exchange through the dabba.

Cast & Crew

Ritesh Batra
Guneet Monga, Anurag Kashyap, Arun Rangachari
Ritesh Batra

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