The Untold Story Aahinsa - 2014


Today, the society is helpless with the situation of Mother Cow. The most shocking things is that we gave her the status of a ?Mother?, but are killing this ?Mother? everyday! There was a time, when people could give their lives for this ?Mother?, but today the same people are okay with killing her. The only difference is that people are the same, but their priorities have changed.

The same scenario is evident in one of the states in India, wherein, corrupt politicians, namely, ?Laalaji ,Khan Saheb? and ?Gulab Chaudhary? encourage the brutal act of Cow Slaughter, although there are some loyal police officers and leaders who stand against these corrupt politicians in support of the cow. Yet, there is no traceable evidence of these brutal acts as some corrupt police officials suppress the proof, never letting it come out in the open.

?Sufi Quraishi? our male lead protagonist is one such person who is involved with the brutality towards the cow.?Kalpana Mishra?, our female lead protagonist, is a strong girl and a news reporter trying to expose the truth behind the cow slaughtering and who?s involved in such crime also she is deeply in love with Sufi and tries to stop him from committing such crimes.

Till today, the women of our country are subject to immoral and grave crimes, and in such a situation, our female protagonist ?Kalpana Mishra? is seen fighting against the corrupt system.

As time goes by, Sufi is transformed by Kalpana?s help and joins her in the mission to expose the corrupt political angle and fight for the protection of Cow. Meanwhile, in this film we witness some inhuman truths, which form the untold story of Aahinsa. Also who is to be blamed? The law or the common man! Are we setting the right example for our system and our future generations? What is the truth behind the cow slaughtering? Can we create awareness about this reality?

Join us in this journey and be part of it.

Cast & Crew

Yusuf Ali Khan
Imad Habib, Naresh Rane
Yusuf Ali Khan
Prashant Singh

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