Thodi Life Thoda Magic - 2008


The movie begins with a war scene ? with a war photographer, whom we could figure out was Jackie Shroff, clicking away. Sounds of bombs exploding and cut to a curio shop, where a regular supplier comes with some knick-knacks to sell. A carpenter in the shop recognises a couple of things as belonging to one 'MK'.

Cut to a TV channel's office, with people running helter-skelter as this 'MK' is missing. Enter the angel, MK (Jackie Shroff) wandering about, being nice to people on the street?leading to a flashback.

Ashima (Anita Raj) and Aditya Singhania (Parmeet Sethi) run a production house. The couple has made a short film on Mumbai and try to market it to Roshan Merchant (Arbaaz Khan), the CEO of TVi channel. Roshan tells him to add a tinge of 'romance' to the product, taking a cue from his girlfriend-cum-colleague, Naina (Meera Vasudevan).

Meanwhile, MK keeps popping up every few frames, on the streets, playing with kids and giving them gifts from his jhola, much like Santa Claus.

Cast & Crew

Anand L Rai
Vinay Tiwari
Sunil Jogi, Irshad Kamil, Aanand L Rai

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