Umar - 2006


Youth is proud. Youth is often amateur and insensitive to the problems of the old. In the pride of youth, one tends to forget that at some juncture in life, they will also traverse through the same lanes and by lanes of old age and physical wilt. But Shahshank (Jimmy Shergill) has a more mature perspective towards life. He treats senior citizens with care, love, affection and respect. He caresses their souls with his soothing touch of polite words and compassionate deeds. On the other hand there are those who treat their own parents with disrespect and contempt. This is the story of three such senior citizens - Iqbal Khan (Kader Khan), Chanderkant Mehta (Prem Chopra) and Rajpal Singh (Satish Kaushik) based in U.K. who are insensitively treated as servants by their own children. Humiliated and insulted, the three are left feeling defeated and hopeless, waiting for the inevitable end.

Shashank is in love with Prem Lakha's (Shakti Kapoor) daughter Sapna (Shennaz Treasurywala). Since Shashank is so respectful to the three senior citizens, whenever they meet by chance, the three help him with his love life. But Sapna's father, who is rich and keeps company of powerful friends like Ben Chibber (Dalip Tahil), a member of the British Parliament, is against their union. Shashank ends up getting caught in a vicious net. He is charged of murdering a British girl. He is put behind bars. The three old men are pained but they plan his escape when he is being taken to the prison. He is shot in the process. But they shelter him in Iqbal's home. Soon their children find out about this. The old men are almost beaten by their children but Shashank intervenes and saves them from their children's wrath. He proposes to leave but here the old men take a drastic step, such that they end up becoming fugitives along with Shashank. They all form a four-man army to fight for justice and how this war against the establishment ends up giving meaning to their lives at this age is what forms the climax of the film. In the process, Shashank who is an orphan gets the love of parents from these three old men for the first time. The film is versatile with the shades of love, caring, struggle, separation, conflict and a battle for justice. It's an ultimate saga of courage and bravery, equally gripping for the young and the old. It's a touching story that unfolds the alchemy of human emotions in its fullness.

Cast & Crew

Karan Razdan
P D Gupta
Shamir Tandon
Shaily Shailender

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