Unns - 2005


(UNS is an Arabic word meaning Love, affection, passion.......) UNS...is a story narrated by Natasha (Juhi Babbar), about her close friend Ria (Rituparna Sengupta) who gets married to Rahul (Sanjay Kapoor) on a rebound. Rahul, an ideal husband truly loves his wife. Unfortunately Ria is unable to reciprocate Rahul's love in the same way as he does.

Ria's first love, Rishi (Sudhanshu Pandde) is a advertising Tycoon who she really loved once upon a time. Though Rishi too loved her but, they could not get married.

Succumbing to her consciences, Ria deliberately starts picking up fights with Rahul and one day tells Rahul that she has decided to end her marriage. Rahul is shattered. Natasha's boyfriend Sameer (Aman Verma) who is a lawyer, helps Ria. Natasha understands that Ria cannot get a better husband than Rahul and discourages her from divorce. But Ria is adamant.

Rahul himself, a product of a broken family, and the one who probably nursed a desire to keep his family always happy, decides not to let go Ria and wants to save his marriage. Natasha stands against her own boyfriend Sameer as well as Ria and helps Rahul in this process.

Will Rahul be able to win back his wife or will he give up and resign to the fate?? What role does Rishi play in this drama?? Will this conflict affect Natasha and Sameer's relationship?? All this and more can be seen in 'UNS'.

Cast & Crew

Bhupender S Gupta
Buneesha Films
Sujit Shetty
Shaeen Iqbal

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