Wake Up India - 2013


Wake Up India is the story of a village girl, Anjali who claims that the chirf minister has raped her. Police inspector Babulal refuses to register Anjali?s FIR as he fears his job. Undeterred Anjali visits the police station again, this time with her lawyer, Shivam but the police office still fearing the wrath of the minister refuses to change his stand on registering the FIR.

After being shunned by the police again Anjali and her lawyer approach the media, however the result is the same, none of the media houses are ready to accept the story for the same reason as the police. Amid this one social activist who also is the leader of a women?s rights group takes up Anjali?s cause. The involvement of the social activist spurns the media who in turn lap up the story that finally reaches the minister?s ears and the ruling party?s too.

Finally the chief minister, after much pressure, decides on visiting Anjali in her village, but will he actually go there? Does Anjali meet? Did he really rape her, and if yes what actually happens to the two?

Cast & Crew

Babloo Seshadri
Anjula Singh Mahor, Ashok Kaushik, Vinay Singh
Mohammed Salim
Shankar Sahney

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