Wanted - 2009


Radhe is a hardcore gangster. A sharpshooter with a sharp brain, he works for Gani Bhai, the dreaded Mafioso, but on his own terms. Totally fearless, Radhe single handedly eliminates Gani Bhai?s enemies one by one; making more enemies in the process than he bargained for? He?s astounded when the young and pretty Jhanvi professes her liking for him. Inspector Talpade?s lustful eyes fall on Jhanvi. He doesn?t know that Jhanvi has developed a soft corner for Radhe.
Whether it?s the Golden Gang or Data Pawle?s Gang; everybody wants the biggest piece of the lucrative cake that is Mumbai and the only way to get it is to eliminate whoever gets in the way. As Mumbai reels under bloody gang wars, Commissioner Ashraf Khan vows to make the city crime free and starts his campaign by arresting 200 criminals in a single day.
It?s free for all with gangsters from rival gangs out to get each other and the police out to get the whole lot of them.
And in a surprising twist, Radhe becomes the most wanted man in Mumbai.
Wanted dead by the gangsters because he knows too much.
Wanted alive by the police because they?re desperate to know what he knows.

Cast & Crew

Prabhu Deva
Boney Kapoor
Puri Jagannadh
Jalees Sherwani, Sameer, Arun Bhairav, Wajid , Shabbir Ahmed, Salman Khan

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