Waqt - Race Against Time - 2005


Here is a film that attempts to tell a touching story about father-son relationship without resorting to the ?tearjerker? stereotype, so often seen in Bollywood films. Director Vipul Shah keeps the melodrama at bay and strikes a chord in viewers? heart with realistic, subtle and well-executed developments in the story inspired from a Gujarati play.

Aditya (Akshay) never had to keep his nose to the grindstone because he was born with a silver spoon in mouth. He is the pampered scion of a millionaire Ishwar Sharawat (Amitabh). He is frivolous, he shuns responsibilities, spend his dad?s money extravagantly, dreams of becoming a star one day, although without making any efforts to that end.

Waqt ? A Race Against Time tells the story of a father who wants his son to become a mature, self-dependent individual and support his family.

Cast & Crew

Vipul Shah
Manmohan Shetty
Anu Malik, Aatish Kapadia
Sameer, Aatish Kapadia

Waqt - Race Against Time Movie - Songs

Subah Hogee

Apne Jahanke


Do Me A Favour Lets Play Holi

Toot Gayaa


Chhup Jaa Chuup Jaa

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