Woh Saat Din - 1983


Maya (Padmini Kolhapure) attempts suicide on the day of her nuptial night. Dr. Anand (Naseeruddin Shah), Maya?s husband, who is apparently a doctor, treats her, and finds out that she attempted suicide. When Maya gains conscience, she confirms her secret to Dr. Anand: she didn?t want to get married and was forced. The story moves to a flashback, where a new singer, Prem (Anil Kapoor) and his sidekick (Master Raju) come to Maya?s house. It is love at first sight for Maya as she falls for the naive, innocent Prem.

However, Prem, aspiring to be a true musician, rejects Maya?s advances. Furthermore, Prem also in love with Maya, but believes that he isn?t worthy of her. They declare their love for each other, and plan to elope, but destiny has other plans in store for Maya and Prem. On the day of their elopement, the two lovers are caught by Maya?s parents. As a result, Prem and his sidekick are kicked out of the house and Maya is forced to wed Dr. Anand. The movie moves to the present, where Dr. Anand confides in her that he only married her due to his ill mother. Dr. Anand promises to unite the two lovers after his mother?s death. During the time of her stay, Maya gets attached to Dr. Anand?s daughter. Meanwhile, Dr. Anand searches for Prem and successfully finds him.

When his mother dies, Dr. Anand reunites Prem and Maya. However, his attempts remain fruitless, as Maya refuses to leave Dr. Anand. Maya realizes the strength behind their marriage and doesn?t budge. Prem leaves Dr. Anand and Maya stating that this is against Indian culture.

Cast & Crew

Surinder Kapoor
Pyarelal, Laxmikant Kudalkar
Anand Bakshi, Jainendra Jain

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