Ye Mard Bechara - 2021


What defines a man? What are the societal norms that men face every day? Ye Mard Bechara reflects the stereotypes attached to manhood and gives a refreshing take on defining a man.

2 Idiot Films and Raw Entertainment's Ye Mard Bechara is about men and the societal norms that govern them every day. Anup Thapa's story and screenplay are terribly weak and fail to engage or involve the viewers. The drama progresses at a dull pace, further adding to the audience's boredom. His dialogues are routine. Veeraj Rao is not impressive as Shivam Sharma. Manukriti Pahwa acts well as Shivalika Khanna. Seema Pahwa is first-rate in the role of Shantidevi. Brijendra Kala has his moments as Murli Prasad Sharma. Atul Srivastava makes his presence felt as Ramprasad Sharma. Anup Thapa's direction is as listless as his script. Even his music and lyrics don't really add much to the drama. His choreography is barely functional. Nikhil Kamath's background music passes muster. Shakil A. Khan's camerawork is dull. Ramen Das' art direction is below the mark. Sunder Pathuri's editing leaves something to be desired. On the whole, Ye Mard Bechara will meet with a pitiable fate at the box office.

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