Yeh Dil Aashiqana - 2002


The story of the film is set against the backdrop of terrorism. Karan (Karan Nath) and Pooja (debutant Jeevidha) study in the same college in Pune and are very much in love. Their romance progresses with out any problem until one day while flying to Mumbai, Pooja's flight is hijacked by a group of terrorists. This follows the arrest of a dreaded terrorist and the leader of the extremist group, Ashraf-ul-haq-Malik. Ironically, the hijack is engineered by Pooja's brother, Vijay Verma (Rajat Bedi), who is in league with the chief of the hijackers, Akhmash Jalal (Aditya Pancholi

Vijay is unaware that his sister is on the same flight. When he realizes this, he is unable to do anything as Akhmash forbids him from doing anything that would jeopardize their mission. Also, when he calls the terrorists to save his sister the cell phone falls down from the terrorist?s pocket which eventually also lands Vijay into trouble as his number is registered in the sim card.

Out of the blues we all start realizing that our next-door college boy is a super martial artist strongly inspired by Jackie Chan movies and tricks to rescue hijacked planes by watching the Air Force One series!

Karan daringly risks his life and rescues Pooja and other passengers thus making Akhmash and Vijay his enemies.

The entire hijacking filming is very unimpressive and one hardly gets charged with suspense, the fight scenes of Karan are nice and one can see that he has really worked towards it, but our boy should also excel in other acting grounds. Akhsmash is now out to kill Karan. Vijay refuses the marriage of Pooja and Karan, so they run away, only to be followed and held captive by the terrorists. The terrorists now try to blackmail the Government by demanding the release of their
leader Ashraf-ul-haq-Malik in exchange for the lives of Pooja and Karan.

The Government capitulates to this demand, but when the exchange takes place
Karan kills the bad guys while the army men look around like they have come to
see chickens!

Cast & Crew

Kuku Kohli
Aruna Irani
Nadeem Shravan

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