Yeh Dillagi - 1994


Sapna, the daughter of the Saigal family's driver, is a simple fun-loving girl, but she dreams about riches.
Vijay and Vicky Saigal are both heirs to Saigal Industries. However, Vijay spends all his time working and Vicky is a flirt. Vicky doesn't notice Sapna until she becomes a successful model. But Sapna's success hasn't changed her status. She is still the driver's daughter and Mrs. Shanti Devi may overlook her son's affairs with rich girls but not with a driver's daughter. As Vijay tries to help, he finds himself falling in love with Sapna, too. Before it's too late Sapna falls in love with him, too, and Vijay decides for them to get married.

On Vicky's birthday, Vijay comes back with Sapna and sees his brother's changes. The man who used to be a flirt now doesn't drink liquor, smoke cigarettes, or flirt with girls. The only one he sees in his heart is Sapna, because of her statement before she left to Bombay. The boys soon talk about getting married: Both want to marry Sapna. Unfortunately, Vicky thinks his brother is talking about his own relationship with her. No matter what they say, their mother (Reema Lagoo) will not let them marry her because of her wealth status.

One fine afternoon, Vicky goes out for lunch with Vijay and Sapna. In the middle of their journey, they have a flat tire, and Vijay tries to fix it. Instead, the jackbox breaks and Vicky offers to get it from a garage. Sapna finds out Vicky wants to marry her at that point and starts to cry, so Vijay tries to calm her down by giving her a hug. Just then, Vicky arrives and realizes the truth. You see him drinking liquor and returning home drunk. Their mother has had enough and tells Sapna's father to tell her to go back to Bombay or get fired.

Before getting any more humiliated, Sapna tells her aunt that the only reason she came back was because Vijay forced her so he could ask his mom if they could get married and she storms off with her dad, to the train station. Vicky says I will commit suicide if you don't let her become your daughter-in-law and his mother accepts. In the end, Sapna comes back and, surprisingly, Vicky sacrifices his love for the sake of his brother's. In the end of the film Vicky is seen driving and comes across a girl (Karishma Kapoor) and instantly falls for her beauty. He decides to make her his life companion

Cast & Crew

Dilip Sen, Sameer Sen
Yash Chopra,Aditya Chopra, Uday Chopra
Sachin Bhowmik
Dilip Sen, Sameer Sen

Yeh Dillagi Movie - Songs

Ole Ole

Hothon Pe Bas

Naam Kya Hai

Lagi Lagi Hai Yeh Dil Ki Lagi

Gori Kalai

Main Deewana Hoon

Dekho Zara Dekho

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