Yehi Hai U Turn - 2006


Bhatnagar (Aroon Bakshi) works in an office and is barely able to make both ends meet. He and his wife (Himani Shivpuri) persuade their elder daughter, Dhruvi (Dhruvi Verma), to take up a job in his office. The boss, Anna (Mustaq Khan), can?t keep his eyes off Dhruvi and she quits in disgust. Her college friend, Priya (Divya Dwivedi), introduces her to a man who?s willing to pay her Rs. 1,000 for a kiss. Dhruvi takes up the offer. She then meets a pimp who gets her started in prostitution. Lured by easy money, Dhruvi gets deeper into the business with the help of another pimp, Rajesh.

One day, she meets a rich boy, Rahul (Rahul), and they get quite close to each other. Before their romance can go any further, Dhruvi confesses to him that she is a prostitute. He?s willing to accept her and proposes marriage. But Rajesh, who has made a CD of Dhruvi in bed with one of her customers, begins to blackmail her. When she goes to pay him the Rs.5 lakhs he is demanding, she finds that Rajesh has been murdered. She is suspected of having killed Rajesh. How her innocence is proved forms the climax.

Cast & Crew

Vikrant Bhatt

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