Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai - 1982


Wealthy industrialist, Nanda, is enraged when he finds out that his eldest son, Ramesh, has fallen in love with a poor woman, Seema, and wants to marry her. He asks his son that if he marries her, he will exclude him from his will. In answer to that, Ramesh marries Seema and leaves the Nanda household.

When Nanda's younger son, Ravi, returns home, he is told that his brother is away on business. Ravi does find out that Ramesh had been asked to leave by their father. He manages to convince his dad to change his mind about Ramesh, and sets off to find Ramesh. He finds out that Ramesh and Seema are no longer alive, but Seema had given birth to a son, and left him in the care of her sister, Kanchan. Ravi meets Kanchan, and both fall in love with each other.

When Kanchan finds out that Ravi is Nanda's son, she is angry, and refuses to have to do anything with Ravi, as she is sure that she too will be rejected by Nanda, when he finds out that she is poor, and related to Seema. What Ravi and Kanchan don't know that Nanda has an ulterior motive, as he wants to adopt Ramesh's son - by hook or by crook.

Cast & Crew

Hasri Hussain
Nasir Hussain
Maruti Rao, Basu Chakraborty, R.D.Burman, Sapan Chakravorty
Majrooh Sultanpuri

Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai Movie - Songs

Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai

Hoga Tumse Pyara Kaun

Poocho Na Yaar Kya Hua

Dil Lena Khel Hai Dildar Ka

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