Zameen - 2003


Zameen, starring Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu, is based on the December 1999 hijack of the Indian Airlines Airbus to Kandahar and the subsequent release of three militants in exchange for the passengers.

The film looks at the hijack of the aircraft, with passengers on board, and how the army and police join hands to find a solution to the crisis.

Zameen has Ajay Devgan playing Col. Ranvir who is on a mission to root out terrorism from the society. He captures the mastermind of Al Tahir organization Baba Zaheer [Mukesh Tiwari], who claims to be fighting for the freedom of Kashmiris.

The scene shifts to six months later, when four terrorists infiltrate into the Indian side during a fierce skirmish at the Indo-Pak border. Ranvir takes on the task of tracing these four men, their identities, their motive, their destination and their plan.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, A.C.P. Jai [Abhishek Bachchan] is tracking a gang that is involved in trafficking arms into the city. Ranvir arrives in Mumbai and join hands with Jai to track down these men and foil their mission.

But time has already slipped out of their hands as the terrorists successfully hijack an Indian Airways' aircraft and fly to P.O.K. Now both Ranvir and Jai face the daunting task of neutralizing the threat and ensure safety of the passengers held hostage by the militants.

Rohit Shetty makes a noticeable directorial debut in the movie by putting together a tight narrative without resorting to the stereotypical jingoistic fervor often seen in Sunny Deol?s movies. Shetty also takes care to not stuff the movie with unnecessary songs or romantic track between Abhishek and Bipasha.

From the very early reels the movie gathers a brisk pace with the arrest of the militant [Mukesh Tiwari] in the valley, Abhishek chasing Sanjay Mishra in broad daylight on a busy road and the chase between the militants and the police just before the hijack.

The second half begins at a slow note but soon gathers pace with the arrival of Indian delegation in P.O.K. to mediate with the militants. From thereon, right till the climax, the film succeeds in holding the viewer interest.

Ajay Devgan cuts a dash with his emphatic performance and Abhishek delivers his best to stand in the equal stead with his co-star. However, Bipasha Basu doesn?t have much footage in the film, although she does leave an impact.

Cast & Crew

Rohit Shetty
N.R. Paschisia
Javed Siddiqi, Suparn Verma
Himesh Reshammiya

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