Zehreela Insaan - 1974


Arjun is an ill-tempered but soft-hearted man. He always falls into in situations that others take him as a bad person. His teacher, who he calls Masterji, is the only person who understands him and appreciates his good qualities, hence Arjun follows his wishes completely. Arjun loves a woman named Aarti and wants to marry her, but Aarti's father opposes this alliance and forcibly marries her off to a man of his choice. Arjun is dejected, but soon finds love in Margaret, his Christian college mate. As time passes, he overcomes Aarti and devotes himself to Margaret. While on a business trip to another city, Arjun finds that Aarti is now a prostitute. Angered and irritated, Arjun finds himself in a pitiable state. Margaret's uncle and mother are against her marrying Arjun. Arjun and Margaret flee to the hills; Masterji catches up with them and tries to pacify Arjun, but he refuses and instead pushes him down the hill to his death. Traumatised due to killing his teacher, Arjun asks Margaret if she will join him where he goes; she says she will, and both jump to their deaths.

Zehreela Insaan Movie - Songs

Saanp Se Badhke

Mere Dil Se Ye Nain Mile

Yeh Silsila Pyar Se Chala

Suno Kahani

O Hansini Meri Hansini

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