Gautam Kapoor


Gautam will be remembered more because of the music video of Alisha Chinai when he appeared as her lover boy in the song De De Dil De. He was spotted by photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha in Dubai and was advised to take up modeling. However, the perfectionist that he is, Gautam did not immediately rush into modelling as he preferred to groom himself for the job before taking up any assignment. He went on to shoot for several prestigious campaigns, and worked with all the top designers in India.

Soon Gautam became the favourite of all the leading designers. With his chisled features and sculpted body, Gautam was once among India?s most sought after models. Gautam however didn't continue in the world of fashion for long and launched his own clothing company under the label Gomzi, (his nick name). Married to actress Suman Ranganathan, Gautam is now a family man devoted to his wife and his own apparel business.

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