Chai Garam - 2009


The movie starts off in a hospital. It is an ordinary day, and a nurse named Sanjana (Esha Deol) is running errands. She goes into a room where a patient, Suresh, is in a coma. She discovers that he has awakened, but that he doesn't remember anything. She tells him his name and about his accident; later, she starts visiting him every day to check his progress. The two soon become friends.

One day, Sanjana decides to bring him tea. When she offers it to him, he gets scared and throws it acroos the room. A doctor later tells her that Suresh has a phobia of hot tea. Sajana is confused by this, and asks Suresh about it. He tells her about strange flahbacks he has experienced; in these, he sees someone drowing in hot tea in a place called Gulatdad. Curious, Sanjana later goes and looks this up. She finds out that Gulatdad is a an abandoned tea factory. She tells this to Suresh the next day, and he gets curious too. Together, they try to unravel this mystery.this is the directorial debut of aditya datt.

Cast & Crew

Aditya Dutta
Anand Raj Anand, Shamir Tandon, Sanjay Pathak

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