Dil Aashna Hai - 1992


Laila (Divya Bharti), brought up in a brothel, is a cabaret dancer in Digvijay Singh's (Kabir Bedi) five-star hotel. One day, her dying mother informs her that Laila is her adopted child and that she is not her real mother.

Karan (Shahrukh Khan) falls in love with Laila. Laila is aided by Karan in the search for her mother. Her searches lead them to Razia (Farida Jalal), who divulges that 18 years ago, there were three naughty girls in her college: Barkha (Dimple Kapadia), Raaj (Amrita Singh) and Salma (Sonu Walia). They were in love with their boyfriends and one of them delivered a baby girl.

Each of the three looked after the baby as if she were their own. The baby was later handed over to Razia. Now all three girls are leading their own lives and have a good standing in society. But Laila is determined to bring them together to seek answers from them and find acceptance from her real mother.

Dil Aashna Hai Movie - Songs

Dil Aashna Hai

Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha

Rangeen Haseen Raat Ho

Ho Abhi To Hui Jawan

Dil Aashna Hai - Sad

O Pardanasheen

Bhool Ke Din

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