Duniya - 1984


Mohan Kumar is a very honest and conscientious man and is working as general manager of a Shipping company owned by his very good friend, Dinesh. Dinesh is a widower and his daughter, Roma is very attached to Mohan Kumar, his wife Sumitra and son Ravi. Jugal Kishore, Bhandari and Balwant are a notorious gang of smugglers and all are working under Mohan Kumar in the same shipping company.

By a sheer co-incidence Mohan Kumar comes to know of their activities and apprehending police station, these three plan the murder of Dinesh and very deviously frame Mohan Kumar for the murder of Dinesh. Mohan Kumar is helpless and cannot prove his innocence in the court and is sentenced to Life Imprisonment. His wife is also killed in an accident because of these three villains. After serving Life Imprisonment Mohan Kumar meets Puri who had connections with the under-world organization and whose life he had saved in the same jail where he was undergoing Life Imprisonment.

Mohan Kumar swears to take revenge and finish them and their activities. Mohan Kumar is also unable to find his son and in the process of locating finds Roma who is living with her maternal Uncle Jagdish, a very mean and an alcoholic man. Fate makes Mohan Kumar's lost son work with Jugal Kishore and his gang. By strange circumstances Ravi meets Roma and even saves the life of Mohan Kumar. Mohan Kumar remembers his son and starts treating Ravi like his own son. Roma and Ravi by this time are madly in love. A stage comes in Ravi's life when he is assigned by Jugal Kishore and Balwant to kill Mohan Kumar after the death of Bhandari which was planned by Mohan Kumar.

Cast & Crew

Ramesh Talwar
Yash Johar
Javed Akhtar

Duniya Movie - Songs

Tu Chand Nagar Ki Shehzadi

Teri Meri Zindagi

Kahne Wale Kahen Mayajaal Hai

Tu Chand Nagar Ki Shehzadi

Jhoomti Raat Jawan Do Ghadi Ka Hai Shama

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