F.A.L.T.U - 2011


A question to begin with. Consider life as a building where you have been stranded on the ground floor while all the lift doors leading to the floors of success have been shut on your face, what would you do? Well, our Faltus would create such a basement that the floors above look cheerless and dreary.

Faltu is a story of coming of age of today's youth. They don't choose a different path but create one.

Faltu is a story about a group of friends that are considered a total waste. The cherry on the cake being that they take pride in the fact. These hard-working back-benchers are hardly seen working.

They crowd up the clubs of the town while the lecture halls remain empty. However a turn in their life leads them to such a situation where fates of many more like them comes in their hands.

F.A.L.T.U Movie - Songs

Le Ja Tu Mujhe

Percentage Extended

O Teri Video

Sachin Jigar

Gale Laga Le

Altu Jalaltu

Sachin Jigar

Rab Sab Se Sona

Char Baj Gaye

Beh Chala Video

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