Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya - 2002


The film revolves around Pooja (Karisma) and Shiv Kapoor (Abhishek), who are both vying for the same job. Pooja manages to fool the guy into thinking she is the boss's daughter. She promises to hand over his resume to her father and gets him to leave. She then lands the job. Meanwhile Shiv chases Pooja all over, trying to persuade her to get Papa dear to give him a job. Then he spots another advertisment by the same company for general manager. He applies and lands the job. He also realises how Pooja had been stringing him along. But by this time, since he has fallen in love with her and asks her to marry him. They have a short but not-so-sweet honeymooon in Switzerland where Shiv bumps into old collegemate (Simone Singh). In the most cliched of circumstances, the two friends are forced to spend a night together in a hotel room. The inevitable happens as they have absolutely no control over their hormones. The result: Pooja divorces Shiv.

The stage is set now for the entry of second hero Akshay Kumar, who plays an actor Raj Malhotra in the film. The actor needs a secretary and of course, Pooja conveniently fits the bill. So stage is now set for the film actor to conveniently fall in love with his beautiful secretary, who has a perpetual dazed statement on her face. Since the two love stories must touch, the director adds his subtle twist. During a shoot, Raj and Pooja have to go to Naini Hills. And surprise of surprises, the manager of the hotel turns out to be none other Shiv. Now wasn't that subtle? By now, we've managed to really get into the director's psyche and anticiapte his subtle touches and twists. Pooja is caught between Shiv, who she has never stopped loving and Raj, who is besotted by her. Doesn't really take much to know the outcome, does it?

Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya Movie - Songs

Hum Yaar Hain Tumhare

Teri Aankhon Ka Andaaz

Mubarak Mubarak

Hum Yaar Hain Tumhare (Male)

Zindagi Ko Bina Pyaar Koi Kaise

Har Kisike Dil Mein

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