Hridaynath - 2012


A life of Mr. Sawant, a teacher by profession and importantly ?Efficient? and that earns him the respect and awe from the society and they have along with his family accepted this principle, whether admittedly or unadmittedly. He was more a Tatya than Sawant Sir for everybody?. Undoubtedly his social work was of that stature and even after his retirement people would seek his advice.

Tatya had great support of Mai?.. she was his wife.

Daughter Akshata studious but as she was denied further education in city, she is completing her education in her village itself?. A nice family with principles.
A disaster was waiting. Tatya could not sustain?. A major heart attack?. And the only recourse was heart transplantation and that needed a donor.

Doctors successfully operated it on Tatya?. Tatya returned home.

Further the story begins with the new principle of Tatya?.

Cast & Crew

Amar Gupte
Nitesh Waghdhare
Santosh Mulekar

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