Ishqedarriyaan - 2015


Ishqedarriyaan is a romantic drama, a love triangle between the wealthy Agam Diwan, the poor, girl Loveleen and singer Arjun. Agam Diwan, a fair and honest businessman, sets out to the meet the family who become the victim of his father's wrong doings. During his visit, he meets Loveleen, the daughter of the family he is in search of, who runs a school that is on the verge of a shut down due to lack of finances. He eventually falls in love with her only to realize that she is in love with another man, a singer from her town named Arjun. However, Arjun's family do not approve of their relationship owing to their higher status. Agam, helps Loveleen out of her financial crisis whilst still unaware of the fact that it was Agam's family who wronged her family. When he becomes aware of her relation with Arjun, he vows to sort the matter and decides to play the matchmaker till they bind in matrimony.

Cast & Crew

V K Prakash
Rajesh Banga
Dheeraj Rattan
Jeet Ganguly, Jaidev Kumar, Bilal Saeed
Kumaar, Kausar Munir, Manoj Muntashir, Bilal Saeed

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