Sehar - 2005


?Seher? in Urdu means the morning.

The film, inspired by real-life incidents, delineates the journey of a newly appointed 31-year old SSP of Lucknow Ajay Kumar (Arshad Warsi); instrumental in bringing together a group of committed police officers under the aegis of Special Task Force.

The force, bequeathed with a single agenda, succeeds in challenging the might of organized crime in Uttar Pradesh.

And in the process, what unfolds is the ever-changing dynamics of Uttar Pradesh?s siyaasat: railway contracts, ISI involvement, politician-Mafia-police-builder nexus, pro-activism of criminal gangs, sophisticated yet rigid red tape and criminalization of University students.

In a way, nothing was new.

The only thing different was the approach. And at the end that made the difference.

Cast & Crew

Kabeer Kaushik
Ashvin J Patel
Daniel B George
Swanand Kirkire, Nilanjana Kishore

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