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The film tells the story of a young man named Anand (Salman Khan), who was deeply in love with a girl named Maya (Rimi Sen), who was intentionally thrown into a swimming pool by her fiance for the sake of getting back at her pranks. Apparently, she drowned. After Maya's death, Anand's life is completely shattered and he becomes insane. He is brought to Sir Richard's Mental Sanatorium. His brother requests the doctors to admit him immediately. However, they insist on evaluating his mental condition before taking any decision. On being asked a few questions, Anand does not show any signs of insanity, and the doctors conclude that there is nothing wrong with him. They decline to admit him to the hospital. Just then, Anand spots a housefly on the table. He first tries to capture it in his pal... Read More

S P Chauhan

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