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Rana Vikram Singh lives in a huge farmhouse with his wife, Laxmi and two sons: Rajesh (Feroz Khan), a police officer and Amar (Anil Kapoor), a fun-loving playboy. Amar's entry begins with him playing a round of loaded Russian Roulette which he wins and proclaims himself jaanbaaz. Rajesh has gone through a traumatic experience of losing his love Seema (Sridevi), when she succumbed to drug addiction. He vows to fight the drug menace. An underworld kingpin Raja (Shakti Kapoor) murders Rana's old friend. Reshma (Dimple Kapadia), his friend's daughter, takes shelter in Rana's house. Rajesh is on the drug trail. Reshma's father lost a huge bet (by being tricked) to Raja after which Raja killed him in a fake accident. When Reshma goes to live with them, Amar has sex with her in a barn. After en... Read More


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