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Sanjana (Kajol), an exceptionally clumsy woman, lives in Paris with her uncle (Harish Patel) and is about to marry her love, Rahul (Bijay Anand). Rahul is about to go to India on a business trip and Sanjana insists on going with him, even though she has an intense fear of flying. When the plane is ready to take off, Sanjana?s fear gets the best of her and she creates havoc on the plane, managing to get herself off the aircraft safely. A few days later, during Rahul?s daily phone call to Sanjana, he blurts out that he has fallen in love with Nisha (Kashmira Shah) and intends not to come back to Paris to marry Sanjana. Sanjana decides to fly to India and get Rahul back whatever the cost, including overcoming her fear of flying. As the plane is about to take off, a passenger named Shekhar (A... Read More

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